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Trusted resources are very helpful when faced with breast cancer. The resources listed here are the ones I personally used for my own health and well-being.

Learn more about the transformative power of The Ultimate Source™ and start living the life you were designed to live TODAY!

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SoulWork supports the process of discovering, developing and stewarding influence for the glory of God.

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Research-based education on how to prevent, cope with, and beat cancer through diet, lifestyle and other immune-boosting approaches.

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Juice Plus+

The only whole food supplement I personally take and recommend is Juice Plus+. Juice Plus+ contains naturally occurring phytonutrients from the fruits, vegetables, and berries themselves. One of my medical professionals recommended I continue to take Juice Plus+ for prevention, and I have.

If someone affiliated with Juice Plus+ has given you my book Thriving in God’s Love, or talked with you about Juice Plus+, please see the person for more information.

If you need a source for Juice Plus+ or would like to know more, you can reach me through the contact button on this website:

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Thriving in God's Love:

Seven Powerful Steps to Heal Body, Soul, and Spirit After Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is more than a physical disease. It is also an emotional and spiritual disease that affects every part of us: body, soul, and spirit. And while thankfully a great number of women can and will survive cancer, thriving means something far more than this. God always intended for us to thrive, and with His guidance we can more fully heal and begin to thrive in ways we'd forgotten were possible.

In Thriving in God's Love, author Suzanne Bonner shares her personal story of wholly healing in body, soul, and spirit after surviving thirteen cancerous tumors in her left breast. While walking with other breast-cancer sisters, she uncovered the seven powerful steps of fully healing after treatment. God wants each of us to rebuild a life that is full and rich in all the ways that matter: faith, feelings, family, forgiveness, food, fitness, and fun. The tools, tips, and strategies in Thriving in God's Love can help breast-cancer survivors find wholeness and completeness in their healing.

Join Suzanne as you work through your own journey to wellness in body, soul, and spirit, healing in the ways God provides for us in His Word. The One who made you also dearly loves you, and He wants you to step into the life He's given you in all its fullness! May you thrive into old age, flourishing in the grace He lovingly shows you throughout this walk.

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